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Brush glue machine 20L Brush glue machine 30L Brush glue machine 50L
(Stainless steel with cart) (Stainless steel with cart) (Stainless steel with cart)
Number of users:2 Number of users:4 Number of users:4
Price:¥ 3300 Price:¥ 4800 Price:¥ 5300
Brush glue machine(Stainless steel)2L Brush glue machine(Stainless steel)4L Brush glue machine(Stainless steel)5L
Number of users:1 Number of users:1 Number of users:1
Price:¥ 1280 Price:¥ 1480 Price:¥ 1880

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Factory Add:Jiaoxia Industrial Zone,Panqiao Street ,Wenzhou City