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WENZHOU RONGLING SPRAYING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.is a professional research and development,production and energy saving spraying equipment.The latest production of the series of multi-function energy-saving cementing machine,rubber injection machine,such as equipment,professional for the shoes and hats,bags,furniture,handicrafts, packaging and other industries,completely changed the traditional cementing method, improves the production efficiency,energy saving and economic benefit is outstanding,is the best quipment for enterprises to protect the environment and improve the grade.

Our main products:all kinds of high efficiency and energy saving spraying equipment,the German import spray gun; Corrosion resistance, resistance to glue solidfication dedicated pipeline:compressive strength,explosion-proof paint for duct and teflon material for pipe,etc.128 inventions patented products.
Our products applicable to all kinds of furniture,automobile,railway,aviation,footwear,bags, hardware equipment,electronics,building decoration,toys,handicrafts, packaging and other industries of all kinds of plastic,paint,plastic foam,water paint,glue,cement,really stone paint,potion,and water wax,paint spraying of liquid materials such as production.

We all staff with enthusiasm sincere attitude,the spirit of innovation and development in the service of environmental protection and high-tech fields.Let every enterprise more save cost,save worry,more at ease,high efficiency and energy saving spraying,brushing glue,create higher benefits for you !

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